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H is for ... (Grilled) Halloumi presented by (Blue Jean) Gourmet

I am a fan of food, a huge fan of food. One of the reasons I'm excited to be out of the house and on my own this fall is that I'll (hopefully!) be able to start trying new dishes to make. In my massive family, that's not always possible.
However! Blue Jean Gourment is crazier about food than I am. Her blog is all about food. Actually, that's kind of a lie. It's half about food. The other half is about herself. Her blog is beautifully written, with memories of her deceased father, her inspiring mother, the people in her life, current events, things she loves, everything. And she tops it all off with amazing recipes, which are accompanied by photos by the inspiring Sonya Cuellar (who will be featured indepth during a later letter!).

While browsing this morning, I found this delicious sounding (and looking!) recipe for Grilled Halloumi. Not only is the recipe easy as anything, but the photos make it look amazingly delicious! Something I'm definitely adding to my 'to-make' list.

If anyone makes it, drop us a comment and show us a photo or two! We'd like to know how it went!

P.S Khyri won't be posting for a couple of weeks. School's grabbed her by the throat and she's living, breathing, eating school. So, it's just me for awhile! Now...to make sure I get my posts up on time....hmmmmm.....


  1. thank you, yielly, you just made my Friday! I appreciate your readership & your kind words. I'm honored to be featured on your very cool site!

    I hope you'll try the halloumi--it's a great cocktail hour appetizer :)

  2. Thank you Yielly. I don't think I've ever been called "inspiring" before. You made my day too!