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U is for .... Utopian (way to show your talent)

No, I didn't have to use a thesaurus to find an apt word for today's post. -shifty eyes-

Sorry that, once again, I have been more than slightly MIA. I was excited (very excited, actually) that it was summer and I would a.) have time to furiously scour the internet to find b.) interesting things to share with you all.

And theeeeen, the unfortunate, the disastrous, the terrible, the terrifying thing happened and....my laptop died. So, until I end up getting to the city to take it to the 'Mac Doc', I'm using the family's computer. Which means less time for scouring and posts. I know, it's a sad, sad thing. :(

But! Enough sadness! I come bearing a post! And fun things! Artsy things!

While doing my obligatory Tumblr check I stumbled across The Sketchbook Project.

Essentially what the project is is this: a global community of people filling personal sketchbooks that will then be put on tour to the places indicated on the map. Afterward, the sketchbooks will be placed in the Brooklyn Art Library for anyone to view.

At the site, you can pick one of forty themes and your sketchbook is to follow that theme to wherever it takes you. As well, there is the option to have them send you a random theme, which will arrive with your sketchbook.

Honestly, it sounds like so much fun and I'm seriously contemplating doing it, if only because I'd love to start getting back into doing things like this (I used to all the time before I started going to college) and I think it would be the kick to get back into it.

I hope some of you decide to do this project, and if you do, let me know and how it goes for you!


U is for ... Unusual (Cameras)

While boredly going through my Twitter feed this morning, I saw that @NylonMag had a link to some 'interesting' cameras. And because I'm a devourer of cameras, I clicked the link. (Bet you didn't see that coming, did ya?)

The slideshow is composed of 8 different cameras of various prices (from $18 - $180). They're all adorable and sound like they work really, really well. At least, any of the sam
ples shown had quality pictures. :) Taken with a grain of salt, I'm sure.

My favourite is this adorable $25 Juice Box Camera.

Isn't it so adorable and look like so much fun? The pictures look like they turned out really well, and the price is something I'd be able to pay.

Which one would you get your hands on if you could?


Things I Love - Post #5

This last week has been super crazy, so no other posts. Hopefully that'll change and my pace will be a bit slower this coming up week.
  1. What You Can Do to Make a Better World
  2. - 51 simple ways in categories such as: Personal Life, Community, Environment, and others. A lot of them are just some fun ways to enjoy life. There's also a few there that just make you stop and think a bit, as well.
  3. Superman: The Animated Series - My brother got this for his birthday in March, and we've been watching it non-stop. I've found myself addicted to reporters/journalists* and their portrayals in pop culture and what's more pop than Superman?!
  4. Photosensitive: Energy - Is a project that had photographers take pictures of what they thought of when 'energy' was said. As part of my course, I had to take a picture for it, but it's not on the school's link. This is the photograph that I submitted:
  5. Liz On Top of the World - One of my favourite songs. Ever.

  6. Film Cameras - I got five new film cameras (and a roll of b&w film!!!!) from my sisters' high school because they're clearing stuff out. Four of them are 50mm and the last one is an 80mm-200mm, so I'll give a few of the 50mm away and then go hunting through my boxes in the garage for the film I stashed away. :)
  7. Avalonne Hall - I don't remember how or when it was that I stumbled onto this blog, but I absolutely adore it. Her posts are always filled with fun images, links, things she loves. And they're put together in such a way that makes you want her posts (and her blog) to never end.

And it's time for me to head off. I start my second job this afternoon and have to go get ready! Have a wonderful week.

* There'll be an upcoming post with some of pop culture's favourite reporters/journalists, the clothes they wear, stories they covered, etc., and then compare it to what reporters/journalists actually do/wear/cover. I'm excited!


Things I Love - Post #4

It's been so long since I've posted, and for that I'm so sorry. Though, I'm not entirely and utterly sorry because I was off having family time and loads of fun with them, which was what I needed. However, I'm now back, have caught up with most of the blogs/people/messages/e-mails/etc that have piled up in my departure and now I get to post! (Which was the part I was really looking forward to doing. :D)
  1. Poor Michael's Bookshop - In the small, tourist-y town of Onanole, Manitoba there's this jewel of a book store. Second hand books in the front and cafe/fair trade shop in the back, music plays while the locals chat over their favourite cups of coffee. I got the green bracelet while my dad got the dancing frog candle holder (he has this thing for frogs, IDEK), my sisters got bracelets and earrings, and my mother a ring. Then there was the ridiculously cute finger puppets. :) All in all: any time possible, I will be haunting this delightful treasure. The best part? We caught it on it's one open time during the off season for Easter weekend!
  2. Scott Caan Photography - Okay, okay, okay. I know I've done nothing but talk about him (okay, this is only my third post with him included), but! For very good reason: this man is ridiculously, brilliantly, mind blowingly talented (and needs to shoot in colour more often). In that way where I actually want to go shooting with the man other than drool all over him because he takes beautiful pictures. And not just of things I actually expected. For the most part, his pictures have depth to them, which is something I'm always looking for in a fellow photographer, so I was more than pleasantly surprised. Some of my favourites:

  3. Homemade Nutella - Found via Anthology, they posted about this (surprisingly!) simple recipe for homemade nutella. The ingredients, instructions, and images (see what I did there?;D) make it seem like a wonderfully fun and tasty thing to try out.
  4. Voting in my first Federal election! Even though the party I voted for didn't get into power, it was still kind of exciting. :) (And that's all you'll hear on the matter.)

Hope you found something you liked, and I am off to bed. It's late, I've been sleepy for the past....I don't even know how long anymore, and I have a busy, busy week ahead of me.


L is for ... (Things I) Love (Part III)

I'm a little late this Sunday. Mostly because my roommates and I spent the majority of the day cleaning our dorm. All of it, every nook and cranny and cupboardwas cleaned and washed and dusted. So, as a reward, my roommate and I made bacon and watched several episodes of Hawaii Five-0 (yes, I have converted her. ;] )

  1. I know that everyone and their dog has seen this picture/shirt, but I just found where do order it. ♥ (and now obviously want to own it)

  2. Fujifilm Instax 210. I've owned one for almost a year, but somewhere in my travels over Christmas, it broke. So I'm now weighing buying a new one (and scouring Amazon for one) and trying to see if I can get it fixed. It's such an addicting camera to have! (And so much fun!!)
  3. This. GIF. ♥ Basically: it was in last week's episode of Hawaii Five-0 and is adorable and beautiful and asfljlkj! It makes me very, very happy. :)
  4. Jennilee Marigomen - is a photographer who does some beautiful work. I've been following her for about a month and have fallen head over heels for the work she produces. This is my favourite of projects so far.
  5. The May issue of Nylon Guys (yes, I've started buying both. IDEK, you guys. But I love it.)

What were some of your favourite things this week? And I hope you all have a fantastic week coming up. :) I know mine's going to be fairly lovely because, well, I get to go home on Wednesday. Which means I really have to buckle down tomorrow and Tuesday to have everything packed and ready to move to my new place. Gack! So exciting!


L is for ... Light

Photo by ohhgroovy

Yielly already beat me to it and wrote a post about light, but you can never have too much light so here's my post. I love photographs of light so much so in fact that I have a tag dedicated to them on my tumblr. I don't even know why, I guess it's just one of those things I love.


L is for ... (Things I) Love (Part II)

I'm a bit late for this week's TIL, which I can blame on my friend Carlee who decided to have me dragged to the bar last night. No, it wasn't the one drink I had that did me in: it was the pit stop at Denny's that lasted til 4 am that did me in and kept me in bed til past one.

ANYWAYS! Enough of those excuses. Onwards towards things I am loving this week :D

  1. Hour long conversations on the phone with my sister. :)
  2. This Hawaii Five-0 tumblr
  3. Reading Eat Pray Love
  4. The sound of the rain falling down outside. (it sounds like someone tapdancing. :D)
  5. I love the fact that this was a.) shot in Vancouver and b.) is Claire de Lune.♥
  6. This song is so ridiculously relaxing it's not even funny.
  7. Moleskine Artist Marketplace is a place were people can design their own Moleskines and then sell them. Here a few of my favourites: Manu Propia, Blue Garden, ich hab nen koffer in berlin, A Story in the Jungle, The Boy Who Lived, and O livro da Moa com Marionete. Which one's do you love?
  8. Brian of The Blue Hour (a wonderful blog filled to the brim with beautiful photographs of his every day life) took some shots for the Ralph Lauren Rugby line. The pictures and the clothing work so well together to show more than just a product. Lovely work.

Sorry that most of these are links and not so many images you guys. Hopefully you found something interesting (and could afford. Those Moleskine prices can be more than a bit ridiculous!)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and will have a wonderful week.