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A is for ... Anis (Mojgani)

After a few months of being plagued by that feeling of fatigue that is the result of not strenuous activities but just plan old tired of life fatigue, a friend sent me to a link to Anis Mojgani's performance at The Seattle Grand Slam 2006 and let's just say I haven't looked back since then. He is passionate, brimming with words and creativity; he makes poetry exciting, new and fresh and moving. He moves me in that way Nina Simone moves me which when you consider my love for Nina Simone's is saying something. He is intense and each of his poems asks more from you, asks to you be something, to dig yourself out of your fatigue and "rock the fuck out".

So if you've had a terrible week or day or month or even year just listen to him and hopefully he will make you feel better if only for a minute.

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