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A is for ... Ashley (Eckstein)

To any of my Star Wars: Clone Wars fans, I present the lovely lady who does the voice for Ahsoka Tano! (pictured below for non-fans)
This lovely lady has finally done what many females of the Star Wars fandom have been asking for for years: she's created a clothing AND jewellery line! The online store can be found here at Her Universe. While the collection isn't quite ready yet, you can bet that there's a line just waiting to get their hands on something!

This is copy/pasted from her blog:

Four years ago, when I was cast as the voice of Ahsoka Tano, I scoured the Internet looking for female Star Wars merchandise and I was disheartened by the lack of product. I was told to buy a men’s size ” small ” because there weren’t enough women that would buy merchandise made specifically for them. How could that be? The number of female fans that share my love for this amazing universe is astonishing and, as I discovered, greatly under served. I started doing my research and I found that close to 50% of all Star Wars fans and sci-fi fans in general are women. I also read hundreds of comments from female fans begging for merchandise designed and made specially for them, and not something that was an afterthought made in pink. I decided that I was going to step up to the plate and be their voice. It’s time for fangirls to be heard, recognized and rewarded!

I approve of this girl so much, it's kind of bordering on crazy! I know that, as a fan, it's ridiculously hard to a.) Find shirts, b.) Find something that fits properly, and c.) find shirts made for girls! Also: if you head on over to facebook, they've got a fanpage and are asking the fans what they would like to see on a shirt. So head on over and get the ideas going!

On a slightly related fandom note: I started obsessing watching Supernatural and in episode 4x01 Dean knows how to find Sam by asking the phone company about Wedge Antilles. I love it when fandoms collide. Also on a related note: Anyone else notice how similar Dean Winchester and Arthur Pendragon are? I'm actually wondering if there's any good crossover fic somewhere out there that explores what would happen if they met.

Alright! I got that out of my system! (Though, Antilles and Arthur both begin with 'a'. THIS IS RELEVANT TO OUR INTERESTS. -cough-)

Hopefully I'll be back more regularly. School's just been getting the best of me lately. -sadpandaface- But 63 more days until graduation and then summer! =D

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