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P is for ... Painted (Silks)

When I was in Vancouver during February break this year, I ended up spending about four hours on Granville Island while my friend was in class. I stumbled across some absolutely amazing little shops and stores that sold wonderul pieces of art.

Alarte Silks is definitely one of those places. Everything is handdyed and no two pieces are the same. The ladies that I met while I was perusing their wares were friendly and helpful and allowed me to wander to my heart's content. I took several pictures of their wonderful pieces, though only two would upload for me here. Their site has more for you to see.

Scarves are one of those things that add to an outfit, whether it be the colour it provides or the layer or texture. And these are no exception. If you are ever in that area, make sure to drop by and take a look at what they have to offer. Even if you can't afford to buy anything at the time, the pieces are a treat to look at and a definite work of art.

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