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K is for ... Kenneth (Cole)

Since I graduated this year, my parents decided on my birthday and grad presents early. The grad present was a given: a new laptop so I could do all of my fancy photography things on it. Fun, and yet still practical. My birthday present, on the other hand was completely, a hundred percent practical. But that didn't mean we had to sacrifice on style or looks. My mother found this beautiful Kenneth Cole suitcase on sale, and I love it to bits and pieces.

Not only is it noticeable and easy to spot on the turnstiles at the airport (plus, have I mentioned how sleek and stylish I find it?) but it's also got loads of space! Which is perfect for moving a person across the country who finds herself with lots more stuff than she thought she originally had.
I'm off to bed: heading to Saskatoon tomorrow morning so I can get on my flight to Toronto on Saturday. I'm spending the day taking pictures with my new cameras and meeting up with friends for a last hurrah until Christmas time! Hopefully this fall will see me around here a whole lot more often!

Here's to hoping!

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