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S is for ... Star Wars

You know how, in Wal*Mart, they have those massive frames with posters that little kids (or fan girls) go through to find posters of Bumblebee, cars, the Jo Bros, Miley Cyrus, the Disney Princesses, or guitar notes? Well, even though I'm no longer legally a child, my inner self has yet to accept that. I was looking through (blame my brother) and found a new Star Wars poster. Not only am I one of the only 16+ year old people I know who even looks at posters anymore, I'm the only one who'll snatch up a good Star Wars one. I've been watching the movies since before I knew that such thing as reality existed, and have been steadily accumulating my collection of Star Wars fan-things.

Buying $5.87 posters with sci-fi characters is only one way I subtly show my love. Last week, as I was on vacation in Vancity, I bought that same brother a Star Wars original series tin lunchbox, which joins the Stormtrooper guns they got for Christmas, the $9.95 toys I've been collecting slowly for the past year, and the various comics that are collecting in their plastic cases on my book shelf. I'm still missing several which makes me sad....:'( A list of comic books, however, is always helpful for someone like me who never knows exactly what they want/what they're missing. And Dark Horse is the publishing company that puts out the Star Wars comics, and their site is definitely worth a look. Especially the page with all the comics I'm missing.

Though, if you're a fan of webcomics, check out a Clone Wars webcomic here.

However, out of all of this, I'd have to say that my favourite things we have in this house are the toys that my dad bought when he was a kid (aka: when Star Wars: A New Hope came out). If my camera was working, you can bet I'd be spamming you all with pictures. Which would inevitably take up waaay more space than I already have. Whoops!

I leave you all with a few links to check out:

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