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S is for ... Susie Suh

After producing her self-titled debut album in 2005, Susie Suh stated that her "mission has always been to create music that transcends boundaries, to make music that is universal.” And she certainly managed that on her album. Her songs seem to ignore established rules, they are new fresh and inspired.

I literally stumbled on Susie Suh's music, stumbled in the sense that I was moving through myspace pages randomly and there she was. I was blown away. Her voice is deep and emotive. Intense, is the best word to describe her, she is intense, her love for music seems to just spill from her mouth. Her raspy voice seems to add another layer to her lyrics which makes her music that much more enjoyable. If you want something to listen to on a rainy Sunday morning then I highly recommend Susie Suh.

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