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S is for ... Stars

I 'discovered' Stars almost two years ago, when I was in Quebec for an exchange trip. I can't pinpoint what exactly drew me to them, but the fact that Canada boasts such an amazing band is one of them. Of course, once I got home and was in the middle of unpacking and reorganizing my life, they slipped my mind until I found a fanmix or two with their music thrown in and immediately re-fell in love with them.

For Christmas I got a giftcard to a music store and their CD was the one I immediately picked up and this song (below) is the one that I have on repeat at all times. The reason? The music is haunting, the voices, the rhythm, the honesty and truth in it all just soothe me.

Their music is just chilled out and interesting and reminds me of Canada, in a random, round about way. The way their music and their voices blend together is wonderful and they have a balance between their upbeat and more serious songs.

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