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H is for ... (Erik) Hassle

I first heard about Swedish singer Erik Hassle from my friend, Bell, who had herself had heard about Hassle from a friend. I suspect that I would have heard about Hassle eventually because he is amazing. There is something light and different about him, even if he songs explores love and social ineptness to quote the Guardian. Of course some have likened him to La Roux, he does sing over catchy electro-melodies samples, but without being to harsh about La Roux's front lady, Elly Jackson, his voice doesn't make me want to tear my ears off or at least stop my hearing for the duration of her songs.

I particularly love his cover of Robyn's Be Mine with Elle Goulding. They do something different with the song, even if it has simple as bringing out the acoustic guitar and turning the song into a duet, which I always love in covers. Be sure to check out his album, Pieces or at the very least, his myspace page.

PS: As you may have noticed, the letter for March is H.

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