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H is for ... (What's) HaPINing?

2008 is probably one of my favourite years. Not only did I spend six weeks in Quebec during the summer on an exchange trip, but I also spent eleven days in Disney World, right before Christmas. I loved it. Everything from the rides to meeting characters to the animation studio viewing, Iwas addicted.

However, it wasn't just the big things like that. I'm a kiosk girl. I love seeing what people have to sell, and Disney definitely catered to that love of mine. The ones I was attracted to were definitely the pin ones. Now I regret not buying several more pins than I did (money is always an issue).

Now, thanks to this blog, I know what new pins are coming up and visit the pin store. You can also search through different catagories for different pins. Yeah, I know. Really random and way out in left field, but there's something whimsical about pins, and especially Disney pins. The designs are wonderful and the characters are all remembered from childhood.

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