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A is for ... Aṣa

What can I say about the Paris born Nigerian singer, Asa (pronounced Asha) besides that she is amazing and sings from the heart? Shingai Shoniwa, of the Noisettes, once said that if Bob Marley were to adopt a daughter he'd adopt Asa. And that's not far from the truth, there is something reminiscent of Bob Marley about Asa's music.

Both singers do not shy away from politics, from personal issues, from issues that are relevant to the listener's lives just as they are relevant to their own lives. There is an echo of home in their music, be it their very voices or the beats. Where I sit back and hear the sea when I listen to Bob Marley, in Asa' voice I hear the boom and bustle of Lagos as well as the ease of Nigeria's countryside. Any singer that manages to allow me to escape the dreary grey of London is beyond amazing in my eyes.
For more of Asa's music, check out her myspace.

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