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P is for ... Photography (Month)

May is Photography month, and that's enough to make it amazing for me. A quick search has given me several blogs and websites devoted to National Photography Month. Here they are:

˙ TVO's Photography Month Blog
˙ Take Great Pictures (this is really just a great photography site)
˙ Liz's Photography (also another good site for photographers)
˙ Bravo!Canada (the videos and interviews with photographers are amazing and inspiring)
˙ NaPhoBoMo (learn more about National Photo Book Month)

And doing a quick google search can give you links to several photographic art festivals. I found ones for Mississauga and Brampton, Calgary, Banff, and Ontario. So go out and see what your area has/will be doing to celebrate it!

My favourite photographer (a Canadian one to boot!) is Yousuf Karsh. An absolutely brilliant photographer, I 'discovered' him while researching Canadian heroes two years ago. Since I'm going to do a post about him for either the letter 'y' or 'k', I won't go into too much detail about him. But check out his website and if you live in Ottawa, there's an exhibit you can check out. The site also has a list of all the art museums that contain his work.

I adore his Vancouver at Night , Antique Shop, & Ford of Canada: Rear Window photos. However, he is really known for his portraits. His most famous picture is of Winston Churchill when he was in Ottawa during WWII. I really can't choose a 'favourite' from his impressive collection. However, Mother Teresa, Humphrey Bogart, Georgia O'Keefe, and Jacqueline Kennedy are among my most liked.

Who's your favourite photographer?

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