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P is for ... Peculiarly (Random)

The first time I was introduced to webcomics was through my friend, Frane, while I was visiting her in February. It was fairly close to the time when I had 'discovered' comics and was really excited about those (still am). This isn't one of the ones she introduced to me. Rather, it's one I've seen adds for before in the back of my favourite comics, and then saw copies of on tfaw.com (things from another world. :D). From there, it was only a short jump to the website and ta-da! Here we are.

Red String started as a webcomic in 2002, but wasn't published by 2005. The creator, Gina Biggs, self published it under her all female comic group, Strawberry Comics. However, in May of 2006, she announced that Dark Horse Comics (yaaaay! I love DKH!) was going to be publishing it.

The main character is Miharu Ogawa, who discovers that her parents have arranged her marriage for her. Enraged, she ends up running into a boy who she ends up liking. Soon after she learns that he is the one that she's betrothed to. The story closely follows the red string of fate of Chinese and Japanese mythology.

I haven't gotten very far (yet) but I'm loving what I've read so far. If you like it, tfaw is having a huge sale, along with Nick & Dent, that will allow you to buy the books for between $4 - $8(US) each.

What's your favourite webcomic?

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