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M is for ... Matt (Duke)

Once again, I know it's not Monday, it's actually closer to Wednesday more than anything by now. School's been kicking my ass lately. Tis that time of the year, eh? Only fourteen more days and then I'm done high school! Scary guys, scary. But exciting! :)

Annnnd, onto the music. Khy also introduced me to Matt Duke via his myspace page, and I immediately fell in love with Rabbit.

His voice is just brilliant; it invokes so many different emotions and I can listen to it on repeat for ages. The simplicity of the guitar in the background with his voice is just magic. Another favourite is Tidal Waves.

I also listen to this one on repeat like a madwoman. He's just...his voice gets me. His lyrics are wonderful and the guitar. If I ever make a mixtape (which, hopefully will be sometime this summer), both these songs will be on them.

What's your favourite Matt Duke song?

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