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K is for ... Karla's (Closet)

I'm a fan of clothes (really, what girl isn't at least a minor fan?), and I have a deep rooted appreciation for fun second hand/vintage finds (especially now since I've started college) and Karla's Closet is the place to look for fun vintage clothes. Full of bright pictures and dazzling colours, she makes putting together something fun and interesting, as well as easy.

She rocks the short hair in a way that I wish I could and the way she wears bright clothes, plus the list of who/what she's wearing. Which of her outfits is your favourite, Alphabeters? (Yes, I did just make that up, why do you ask?)

I'm off to bed. Orientation starts tomorrow at 9 o'clock. This time change seems to be killing me more than it should. And you'd think with all the dancing I've been doing I'd be wiped! Ah well, I'm sure everything will slip into place. :)

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