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K is for ... Katie

Hey Alphabeters! College has been going exceptionally well, which goes a long way to explaining my absence. Knowing how long it's been since I last posted, I've been worried about what the heck to post next. We're just about finished with the letter 'K', don't worry. It's been around for awhile, hasn't it? This last post for the letter is a lovely one, don't worry!

Katie is the lovely authoress of North Wind Shore, an adorable little blog filled to the brim with photos and inspiring snippets, peeps into her life, and mixtapes. She's got a lovely personality, with a positive vibe that spins through each one of her posts.

All of her photographs are wonderful snapshots into her life, and while her posts are (mostly) short, all of them make you happy that you stopped by to read them. She doesn't apologize for her thoughts, but presents them as wonderfully wrapped presents you're glad to open up and admire.

So take some time this weekend to browse her lovely blog and drop a line. Let her know what you think.

I'm now off to bed. It's been a long week, very fun, but long, and I need sleep in order to tackle the mounting pile of homework that somehow has appeared when I had my back turned. Nobody said this college stuff was easy! My friends and I are hoping to shoot some soccer and rugby tomorrow after. I'll be sure to post up some pictures from that tomorrow evening.

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