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T is for ... Temper Trap (Sweet Disposition - Remix)

While searching for Temper Trap's Sweet Disposition music video, I stumbled across a remix of it! I don't know how well known/long it's been out there, but I quite enjoyed it. Here you go:

So what do you guys think of it? Annnnnd, for those who like the original (or have never heard it!), here you go:

For me, it's the perfect song for a day like today. Feeling mellow, yet productive. Which is one of the most bizarre combinations ever because, to me, the one makes me want to sit down and read, while the other compels me to get up and do things. Putting them together is like sweet and sour sauce: you have no idea how the heck it works, but, weirdly, it does.

Speaking of which, I am off to go complete a massive to-do list that has appeared while I was turned around. On the top of that list: laundry! Running out of clean clothes is never a good thing. Especially considering the amount of clothes I have! Not to mention the fact that I need something a little nicer for some photo taking I'm (planning on) doing tonight. There's a musician at a little restaurant in town tonight, and I know the head chef, who asked me to go and take pictures. Which will also be helping me with a project due on Tuesday. Oh connections, you really do make my world spin 'round. :)

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