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T is for ... Typographica

This summer, a few weeks before I left for college, my aunt and I went to the city, just the two of us. Honestly, it's one of the most memorable days this year. Just the two of us (just me and one other person doesn't happen very often) and we just did things. We were initially there to run errands for the store (where I was working at, as well), but we also managed to stop at several different places: the Apple Store (where she came out with a new computer and I came out wanting the iPad), the drugstore (we just wandered around looking at hair dye), and, finally, my favourite place in the world: McNally Robinson. With only three stores available (that I know of and that their site tells you about), it's one of the best secrets ever. Combined with their wonderfully delicious restaurant, Prairie Ink, I could get lost for hours there.

Knowing my aunt had never been (D:), I treated her out to dinner and we spent a good hour or so browsing through the books. One of my favourite sections is, and always will be, the stationary shelves. Right at the front of the store and covered in cards and envelopes and journals and all sorts of wonderful, writerly things, it catches my attention for ages. The Typographica set of cards caught my eye, but when I checked the price, it was a little too steep for me being able to justify it (not quite as cheap as in the online store). So, in return for lunch and a good day, my aunt bought me the set.

Honestly? I've never been so excited to write letters. Okay, that may be a lie because I LOVE writing (and receiving!) letters. But I love imagining what peoples' faces will look like when they get the fun envelope and see the interesting card design.

Next on my 'Want' list is this similar journal:

I'm off to bed. It's late and, once more, I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow. I've been trying to get as much homework done (and have been succeeding!) as possible, so as to not be stressing the day it's due. I've had assignments printed off for the past two days that aren't due until tomorrow and Thursday. I'm quite proud of myself, really. And am feeling accomplished, which is also a welcome feeling.

Oh, and if you'd like: a little bit of info on Typographica.

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