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T is for ... Three (Feathers Vintage) & (Milk) Teeths

It's late and I'm definitely ready for bed (trying this whole 'early to bed, early to rise' thing for class tomorrow), so short and sweet it is:

Milk Teeths is an adorable blog that's having a wonderful contest. Pop on over to this post and fulfill the requirements and ta-da! You're entered! Make sure you stick around after you've entered though. Milk Teeths is full to the brim with wonderful outfits and unique finds, a lot of which end up being posted in her online shop. If I wasn't a broke college student, half that shop would be bought out.

Definitely time for me to head to bed. I didn't end up going to class today (bad student, I know), so I'm going to have to scurry around tomorrow trying to figure out what I missed/what I need to do to catch up. And then it's Semi-Formal at the pub tomorrow night and I still haven't bought my ticket! Can you tell that I'm a procrastinator?!

Bon nuit to you all!

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