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T is for ... Toronto

Last weekend I spent three days hanging out in Toronto with my friend Chantelle. As friends do, she put up with me, and put me up, plus took me out to a few of her favourite places. On Saturday we hung out and walked around U of T's campus. Now, my campus isn't tiny (I've definitely seen smaller), but the over two and a half hours that we spent walking around definitely makes it seem so.

Chantelle also took me around to Chinatown, where she always buys her groceries. The walk to and back was wonderful, with the morning air and the sun shining(I was blessed with good weather the whole weekend). While I don't have any pictures, we went down to Yonge Street where we actually ran into one of the guys from my course. He was taking pictures of someone doing street art.

The mall had me resisting to spend, though I did end up buying a dress on sale from Smart Set. One of the most adorable things, ever. Srsly. And the only real reason I bought it was because I couldn't afford the $200 look-a-like at Zara's that I had tried on earlier in the day.

Out for dinner we went both nights, one night at a Japanese restaurant that Chantelle absolutely adores and I had sushi for the first time in ages. I miss seafood. The next night we went to Hero Burger, where I had one of the most delicious burgers that I have ever eaten.

A wonderful weekend all around, even if I was ready to get back home to my dorm, my bed, and my crazy drunk friends. :)

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