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Y is for ... (I Was) Your (Favourite)

Right now I'm bumming out in the Toronto airport, waiting for the Coach Canada bus back to the college. Only an hour left to go, and The OC has been keeping me company for the past hour and a half. What I'd like to know is: how do you choose between Seth and Ryan? Seriously? If I had my way, I'd stick them in a brown paper bag and shake them up. I'm sure the end result would be amazing. :D

Onto the post: I love mixes. Really, who doesn't? Not anyone I know. One of my favourite LJ friends makes some of the best mixes. Ever.

Recently she made one that really expresses a lot when it comes to stuff that's happening in my life at the moment. I Was Your Favourite can be downloaded here. If you snag it, please leave a comment at her journal, I know she would really appreciate it. :)

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