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Y is for ... Yielly's (Pick)

In my inbox this morning I found an e-mail from my favourite fashion magazine: Nylon. The article introduced me to a new online site, We Are Selecter. I absolutely adore everything they have on their site, even if I don't have a chance of affording any of it any time soon.

This jacket is definitely something I'd snag up in a heartbeat. I love the shape and the hood, especially that belt and the pockets. ♥

For Christmas I got a $20 giftcard for Value Village, and I'm getting lovely ideas from the site as to what I'll be looking forward to the next time I go shopping, such as this sweater, anchored heart shirt, Camiseta Little Friend, Camiseta Secret, and a few others. I'd love to see if I could find a way to make these earrings and necklace. Something I'd love to buy new, though, are these socks! They're so much fun!!

I should off to class. I'm actually really looking forward to this two hour block on Tuesdays. Multiple Photos with my favourite teacher, and I know it'll be amazing. *g*

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