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Y is for ... Yelle

I know, lots of music posts lately. I apologize. However! This one (I hope!) is one you've never really heard about.

I first heard Yelle in the summer of 2008 while I was in Quebec. My group and I ended up heading off with our monitor one evening to one of the many festivals that Quebec has during the summer (trust me, if I could spend an entire summer simply going and taking photographs of festivals, I would). We watched her show for a bit and when I saw her album for sale, I hesitated, but because of funds, didn't end up buying it. Fast forward two and a half years and I've had her album for awhile and love it.

(for a version with lyrics, head here)

I love how fun this video is! That yellow smiley shirt she wears at the beginning? Adorable! Actually, let's be honest, almost every outfit in this video is lust worthy. And those shoes? *g* I want them in my life. Honestly, she reminds me a little bit of Katy Perry. Take that as you will.

Well, it's Fridaaaaaay! (It's about time!) I have a few things to shoot this weekend, only one assignment due this week, and a movie date for Saturday, as well as two story ideas that I'm currently shaping. How can't I be feeling happy? :)

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