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L is for ... (Things I) Love (Part II)

I'm a bit late for this week's TIL, which I can blame on my friend Carlee who decided to have me dragged to the bar last night. No, it wasn't the one drink I had that did me in: it was the pit stop at Denny's that lasted til 4 am that did me in and kept me in bed til past one.

ANYWAYS! Enough of those excuses. Onwards towards things I am loving this week :D

  1. Hour long conversations on the phone with my sister. :)
  2. This Hawaii Five-0 tumblr
  3. Reading Eat Pray Love
  4. The sound of the rain falling down outside. (it sounds like someone tapdancing. :D)
  5. I love the fact that this was a.) shot in Vancouver and b.) is Claire de Lune.♥
  6. This song is so ridiculously relaxing it's not even funny.
  7. Moleskine Artist Marketplace is a place were people can design their own Moleskines and then sell them. Here a few of my favourites: Manu Propia, Blue Garden, ich hab nen koffer in berlin, A Story in the Jungle, The Boy Who Lived, and O livro da Moa com Marionete. Which one's do you love?
  8. Brian of The Blue Hour (a wonderful blog filled to the brim with beautiful photographs of his every day life) took some shots for the Ralph Lauren Rugby line. The pictures and the clothing work so well together to show more than just a product. Lovely work.

Sorry that most of these are links and not so many images you guys. Hopefully you found something interesting (and could afford. Those Moleskine prices can be more than a bit ridiculous!)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and will have a wonderful week.

1 comment:

  1. I love Moleskine notebooks! Looking at that link is making me want to try to decorate my covers. Thanks for sharing all these links, Amielle :) The Ralph Lauren Rugby shots just made me want to buy the clothes, too :D

    (P.S. I will try to get that fashion guest post for you SOMETIME this week. Sorry, my brain just hasn't been very fashion-forward of late!)