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L is for ... Lighting

If there's one thing that I've learned this year, it's that having a camera either draws people to you in a moth to flame sort of way, or else it repels them from you in a mouse to snake type of way. For the most part, mine's been the former over the latter, which I've been quite grateful for.

Last week, I had a lighting - effects assignment due. Of course, it was left slightly to last minute and I had to find something, anything to take pictures. And then, I remembered: the night before it was due, the school was hosting its last pub of the year. So I made my way over, crossed my fingers that security would let me go in with my camera (since it's not a point and shoot, they normally don't), and tried a new trick I had learned two weeks before:

This was the one I handed in. I love the look on his face. :)

This last one was my favourite, but he's not looking at me, which makes me really, really sad. Because otherwise? It's just....I love it. ♥

You guys, I go home in 11 days. ELEVEN! Which I'm really excited for, I am. I get to see my crazy as anything family and whatnot, but, on the other hand, I'm going to miss living on my own and the many things (both good and bad) that come with that. Not only that, I'll miss all the things I'm constantly learning/doing.

HOWEVER, we will save the melancholy-ness for closer to my leave date because I still have four assignments + my portfolio review next week. THE PRESSURE! D:

michelle: Cutting off hair is just so...freeing, I've found. Emma Watson was actually a huge inspiration for my cut, though I obviously didn't go as short as she did. :)Thank you for your lovely compliment. I really do adore having it short.

avalonne hall: Thank you. :) I've really been enjoying reading/commenting on your blog. Roman Holiday was such a good look hair wise for Audrey Hepburn. Not that she couldn't pull of anything she wanted to, but *g* the short hair suited her so well. It was really interesting, because after my cut, I got a list of people that others were reminded of: Agnes Deyn, Emma Watson, Rihanna, and Natalie Portman were on the list. All of which I'm really okay with reminding people of. :) I was really close to enough length, but I didn't feel like waiting. No patience, apparently. :P

This fall I actually had dyed my hair blue (!!!) and got it fixed over Christmas. The colour right now is the browny red I had to dye it. My hair's naturally red, so think I'm just going to dye the tips of it something wild (cherry red/platinum blonde/blue/etc)

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