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L is for ... (Things I) Love (Part III)

I'm a little late this Sunday. Mostly because my roommates and I spent the majority of the day cleaning our dorm. All of it, every nook and cranny and cupboardwas cleaned and washed and dusted. So, as a reward, my roommate and I made bacon and watched several episodes of Hawaii Five-0 (yes, I have converted her. ;] )

  1. I know that everyone and their dog has seen this picture/shirt, but I just found where do order it. ♥ (and now obviously want to own it)

  2. Fujifilm Instax 210. I've owned one for almost a year, but somewhere in my travels over Christmas, it broke. So I'm now weighing buying a new one (and scouring Amazon for one) and trying to see if I can get it fixed. It's such an addicting camera to have! (And so much fun!!)
  3. This. GIF. ♥ Basically: it was in last week's episode of Hawaii Five-0 and is adorable and beautiful and asfljlkj! It makes me very, very happy. :)
  4. Jennilee Marigomen - is a photographer who does some beautiful work. I've been following her for about a month and have fallen head over heels for the work she produces. This is my favourite of projects so far.
  5. The May issue of Nylon Guys (yes, I've started buying both. IDEK, you guys. But I love it.)

What were some of your favourite things this week? And I hope you all have a fantastic week coming up. :) I know mine's going to be fairly lovely because, well, I get to go home on Wednesday. Which means I really have to buckle down tomorrow and Tuesday to have everything packed and ready to move to my new place. Gack! So exciting!


  1. i would really love one of those fuji instax cameras! i miss playing with my polaroid so much ... the film is impossible to find these days!

  2. I hope you get a new Instax Wide or get it fixed, because it's such a great camera! I do love that camera, but I wish the film didn't cost so much and it's kind of a heavy camera. Carrying around my T2i and the Instax Wide is quite hefty!

    Thanks for sending me the link to the Woody doodle. OMG I wish I could use it as my blog logo. I tried to contact the illustrator... but no response. Sad face. Still I love the doodle, it's amazing!