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Things I Love - Post #4

It's been so long since I've posted, and for that I'm so sorry. Though, I'm not entirely and utterly sorry because I was off having family time and loads of fun with them, which was what I needed. However, I'm now back, have caught up with most of the blogs/people/messages/e-mails/etc that have piled up in my departure and now I get to post! (Which was the part I was really looking forward to doing. :D)
  1. Poor Michael's Bookshop - In the small, tourist-y town of Onanole, Manitoba there's this jewel of a book store. Second hand books in the front and cafe/fair trade shop in the back, music plays while the locals chat over their favourite cups of coffee. I got the green bracelet while my dad got the dancing frog candle holder (he has this thing for frogs, IDEK), my sisters got bracelets and earrings, and my mother a ring. Then there was the ridiculously cute finger puppets. :) All in all: any time possible, I will be haunting this delightful treasure. The best part? We caught it on it's one open time during the off season for Easter weekend!
  2. Scott Caan Photography - Okay, okay, okay. I know I've done nothing but talk about him (okay, this is only my third post with him included), but! For very good reason: this man is ridiculously, brilliantly, mind blowingly talented (and needs to shoot in colour more often). In that way where I actually want to go shooting with the man other than drool all over him because he takes beautiful pictures. And not just of things I actually expected. For the most part, his pictures have depth to them, which is something I'm always looking for in a fellow photographer, so I was more than pleasantly surprised. Some of my favourites:

  3. Homemade Nutella - Found via Anthology, they posted about this (surprisingly!) simple recipe for homemade nutella. The ingredients, instructions, and images (see what I did there?;D) make it seem like a wonderfully fun and tasty thing to try out.
  4. Voting in my first Federal election! Even though the party I voted for didn't get into power, it was still kind of exciting. :) (And that's all you'll hear on the matter.)

Hope you found something you liked, and I am off to bed. It's late, I've been sleepy for the past....I don't even know how long anymore, and I have a busy, busy week ahead of me.

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