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U is for .... Utopian (way to show your talent)

No, I didn't have to use a thesaurus to find an apt word for today's post. -shifty eyes-

Sorry that, once again, I have been more than slightly MIA. I was excited (very excited, actually) that it was summer and I would a.) have time to furiously scour the internet to find b.) interesting things to share with you all.

And theeeeen, the unfortunate, the disastrous, the terrible, the terrifying thing happened and....my laptop died. So, until I end up getting to the city to take it to the 'Mac Doc', I'm using the family's computer. Which means less time for scouring and posts. I know, it's a sad, sad thing. :(

But! Enough sadness! I come bearing a post! And fun things! Artsy things!

While doing my obligatory Tumblr check I stumbled across The Sketchbook Project.

Essentially what the project is is this: a global community of people filling personal sketchbooks that will then be put on tour to the places indicated on the map. Afterward, the sketchbooks will be placed in the Brooklyn Art Library for anyone to view.

At the site, you can pick one of forty themes and your sketchbook is to follow that theme to wherever it takes you. As well, there is the option to have them send you a random theme, which will arrive with your sketchbook.

Honestly, it sounds like so much fun and I'm seriously contemplating doing it, if only because I'd love to start getting back into doing things like this (I used to all the time before I started going to college) and I think it would be the kick to get back into it.

I hope some of you decide to do this project, and if you do, let me know and how it goes for you!