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S is for ... (Anne) Sexton

how did you crawl into,
crawl down alone
into the death I wanted so badly and for so long
-Sylvia's Death, Anne Sexton
The first poem I ever read by Anne Sexton was Sylvia's Death inspired and written for Sylvia Path after she committed suicide. I remember shuddering with emotion. There is something dark about the poem and overwhelmingly sad. It has a trace of bitterness, especially the stanza posted above. A few poems later, I soon realised sadness was a characteristic feature of Sexton's writing as a result of her ongoing battle with depression. But the sadness is not stifling, it isn't uncomfortable, it is understandable. Although, I wouldn't advice binging on her poetry.

For more of her poetry look no further than here. Amazon also sells a tape of Sexton reading some of her poetry.

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