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A is for ... (Claire &) Arnaud

In grade two I ended up doing a unit (a very long unit) in Japanese culture. That unit is one of the few things that stick out in my mind as something that I loved about elementary school. Of course we got to do some of the basic things like learning origami. I loved that part....even though I can't remember any of it any more.

Claire & Arnaud, however, obviously remember more than what they learned in a grade two Japanese culture unit. Their jewellery is all about origami and the folds. Right now it's mostly animals for their collection (deer, rabbits, parrots, and dinosaurs!), and they're either in gold, silver, and black enamel.

They're absolutely stunning and I'm in love, which is saying something. I'm not a huge fan of jewellery, and I don't wear it often. But this dinosaur one is something I would put some money down for:

So adorable! Which one's your favourite?

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