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M is for ... (Jim) Moray

I 'found' Jim Moray about two years ago. I had his song Lord Bateman -points down- on my iPod from a mix that I had downloaded at some point and one day I listened to it and just...fell in love. Even as my music tastes have altered since then, he's stayed on my list of favourite artists.

Jim Moray's voice is amazing. He has the perfect story teller's voice, which is what folk music is. Some of those stories have been told for generations and have their roots in the lore and mystery of the country of their origin.

Folk music is, in my opinion, important to keep around. People like Loreena McKennitt, Jim Moray, Joni Mitchell, and a whole list of others keep stories around through their music that is important.

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Who is your favourite folk musician?

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