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M is for ... Merlin

I'm a huge Merlin fan. Not just the T.V. show (which, yes, I'm a geek over, no matter how 'out of legend' people may complain it is). No, I'm a fan of any form of it. I've devoured books upon books with any hint of Arthurian legend in them. Movies? I've grabbed anything I can get my hands on.

However, this is about Merlin, the T.V. show. Because I'm just that geeky and I absolutely adore the show. BBC just puts out some fantastic shows, and this is no exception. I won't go into massive amounts of detail, because I think the show is worth watching for yourselves, and this is only my few favourite things about the show.

Colin Morgan does an amazing job playing the dorky, loveable, and secretive warlock. Playing opposite as the haughty yet understanding Prince Arthur of Camelot is Bradley James. The two of them do such a good job acting off of each other. Everything just flows with them and they seem very in tune with each other (which is probably why the slash fandom is huuge!)

Katie McGrath plays the gorgeous and kindhearted Morgana, who lives in Camelot with her dead father's best friend, Uther Pendgragon (Arthur's father), who is played by Anthony Head. Both characters are incredibly intense and argumentative. They both want to do the best for the people around them, but their idea of what's right are often on the opposite sides of the spectrum.

The lovely and friendly, ball of sunshine Gwen is played by Angel Coulby. Arthur's romantic interest at the moment, even the Arthur/Merlin shippers can't deny how adorable and loveable she is. She's everyone's friend and tries to take care of everyone around her, without thinking of what will happen to herself. She gets along well with Gaius, played by Richard Wilson, who takes Merlin in after his mother sends him to Camelot because of his special and amazing wizarding powers. The kindly old medicine man of the castle, he's been Uther's friend for many years, and cares for each of the younger people around him.

The show is just...amazing. Here's a more detailed list of characters and explanations, what they do in the show, etc. There are piles of fan works around the internet for you to find: fanfic, fanmixes, fan art, etc. A quick Google search provides a person with a plethora of links.

Who's your favourite Merlin character?

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