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K is for ... (Yousuf) Karsh

Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness.

I have mentioned the talented Mr. Karsh in a previous entry. However, I feel he deserves a post of his own.

All of his pictures are black and white, which, to me, speaks a lot of the man. Yes, he started doing photography at a time when there wasn't much other choice, but he stuck with black and white until his death in 2002.

He was a master at lighting and there are very few of his pictures in which the lighting is not....perfect. (That's my opinion only.) Karsh loved hands, and you can tell, as most of his photographs have the subject's hands in the picture, doing some thing or another.

I'm not going to post a biography on him, there's Wikipedia for that. His works of art speak to me in ways that make me want to go out and be a better photographer. I think this says it all:

His extraordinary and unique portfolio presents the viewer with an intimate and compassionate view of humanity.

I think that that's something for everyone to want to achieve; in whatever they feel passionate about.

P.S. I'm really sorry about being so MIA lately. I know: no way to get a blog going if you're never around. I moved this summer, and have been working non stop for school in...sixteen days! So the rest of August will continue to be dedicated to the letter 'k', and as always: if you have anything that you love and want up on the blog, let us know!!!


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