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T is for ... Texts (From Last Night)

While I may not have any texts that are remotely close to being TFLN worthy (I've had a few nights that are worthy. I was apparently too busy to send a text about it), I'm waiting for the day when that's no longer true. Which sounds stupidly ridiculous, I know, BUT, the amount of laughing that I've done because of this site makes it all worth it.

I think the person who introduced me the most to TFLN was my sister. Once I moved from Saskatchewan to Ontario, L and I started Facebooking each other on a regular basis. We didn't even talk that much in person over the last year while I was at home. However, we weren't really having 'conversations' as much as re-posting different TFLN's that we'd found. Which led to us mocking each other, which led to us actually asking each other how our day went. It sounds ridiculous, I know. Kind of ridiculous like me wanting to, one day, send a TFLN worthy text to at least one person on my contact list. (Trust me, there are people waiting for this to happen, and I'm promising them it will. I have wonderful friends, I know.)

I'm off to bed now. Spent nine hours taking a two hour trip back from Toronto today. There was police officers and the TTC and bad directions and me running around with my weekend bag, hoping that I was going to make it home in one piece. WHICH I DID! And then found out I had an assignment due at 3:30 this morning. SO! Time for bed it is, because I apparently have to function for a meeting in eleven hours and write/hand in that assignment. Oh college, what have you done to me?

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