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F is for ... (John) Fluevog

I really need to get new shoes. My pitiful shoe collection is not only pitiful, but unimaginative. While there's no way in Kansas that I can afford a pair of Fluevog's (no, not even on sale. C'est la vie.). But! They are still lovely to look at.

I only know about Fluevog's through a random walk into their store in Vancouver when my friend Fran and I were wandering around Gas Town while I was visiting in February. The store was interesting and the boy behind the counter (who only came 'round to talk to Fran, she has that effect on the male (and, often times, female) population) was, as I remember, the cause of me tripping over my feet. However, before we left, I grabbed one of their 'business cards', which, really, is more a post card with a small paragraph of their history on the back. Obviously it was intriguing enough for me to a.) keep it almost a year and b.) remember it.

On my Fluevog maybeoneday list are these pairs (along with the above pair)

What pair do you wish you owned? Or, which pair do you own?

And, I am off to finish getting ready to head out to this Halloween party. We're leaving in about forty-five minutes and I still have a fairly lengthy to-do list to complete before I'm ready to leave! Ah!

I hope all you Alphabeters have a wonderfully spooky Halloween!

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