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C is for ... (Shortbread) Cookies

Christmas time = cookie time = shortbread cookie time in my house. Scottish in origin, they've been around for centuries, and were made famous by Queen Elizabeth. While I bought ridiculously expensive cookies in the mall, my father and I will always maintain that my Maman and Grandma make the most delicious shortbread cookies on the planet. While, of course, they can be baked any time of the year, Christmas is definitely the time of the year for them.

I'm finally home to enjoy them, too. It was a twenty four hour adventure to get here: two hour bus ride to Toronto, three hour plane ride from Toronto to Saskatoon, an overnight at my friend's place, and then a two hour bus ride to where my Maman picked me up and finally, finally got home. The morning after I woke up to four brothers sitting on me, waiting for me to wake up and welcome me home. That's definitely what I came home for. :) ♥

First on list of things I did today was head out to my brothers' hockey game. While they both lost and we left ET's game early, it was nice that they wanted me to go. I miss being the big sister. So I think tonight L, M, and I (and possibly their 'significant others') will be watching Inception, eating popcorn, and going to bed early. This is exactly what I came home for. ♥

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