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C is for ... (Taste of) Country

I'd never heard of Taste of Country before Thursday, and it is officially my favourite place in the world. In my humble opinion, it's like heaven on earth. My first impression when I walked in was a Grandmother's exploded kitchen: every type of delicious baking imaginable at steals of deals (even though I'm leaving next week, I'm hoping to go back today to do some shopping. :D)

A firm believer in homemade food, but not quite the best baker I know (I'd give that award to either my Grandma, my mother, or my sister), being able to buy homemade baking at a price that I can afford on a student's budget is a wonderful feeling. Besides, Christmas seems to be that time of the year that everyone seems to crave things like that.

My mom finally booked my plane ticket for me. I'm flying home next Wednesday, which I cannot wait for! It was my brother's birthday yesterday, so I Skyped home for that, and ended up talking to people for almost two hours. My other brother kept poking his head into everyone else's conversation so that he could fill me in on something/share a picture he was colouring/etc. APPARENTLY I AM MISSED! Which I'm definitely okay with. Only four more sleeps to go now! Which also means that I should talk to my Software teacher about taking that exam earlier on Wednesday so I'm not stressing about missing my flight. :/ Oh school.

Anyways, there's a list of things that I should probably get done so that I really am not stressing for the next few days. ♥

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