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D is for ... Destination (Ottawa)

This is a post about a week in the making, shame on me. School's been keeping me running a lot more this past week (might have to do with me slacking off a bit last week...oops!). But! This week is almost done, I've caught up on (the majority of) my work, and I figured I could spare a few minutes putting a post together.

Last Saturday I went with my roommates to Ottawa for the day. Every winter (so I've been told/read), they have a whole list of events and fun things planned. So, my roommates and I went and ventured and walked (a lot!), and, generally, just had fun.

The sculptures we went to go see.

Out listening to DJ Vito.

My roommates as we wandered around the city, trying on dollar store crowns. :)

It was a lot of fun, and I'm definitely glad we went. Now, time to get on to organizing all those pictures! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. :)

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