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D is for ... (Jack &) Diane

Some of my favourite memories include driving with my dad down the Saskatchewan back roads, with a bag of Spitz between us and John Mellencamp blaring from the stereos. Literally blaring. And my dad singing, which doesn't really happen that often. Out of any of the songs that we listened to, Jack & Diane was the one that we hit repeat on the most often. Well, that and Little Pink Houses.

Today was our day off for Family Day, and my roommate and I have been bumming around all day, sleeping in, watching TV, and I made English Toffee Bars. I've also been searching for hostels in Ottawa for next week. I think I've found one, and am hoping to book a spot as soon as I find out whether or not my friend is coming with. Definitely excited for this trip, and hoping it'll end up alright, with pieces falling into place. :)

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