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D is for ... Disney (Couture) + Bonus Valentine's Day-ness

It's that time of the year once more and everyone's rushing around trying to find presents and candies and things for their loved ones. Since I'm single, I can make lists of things that I would love to have, without the worry of pressuring someone into buying them for me. It's actually kind of a lovely feeling, really. :)

(Sadly, I have no idea why the heck the collage isn't bigger. And I have class right away and don't have time to fix it. :( )

On my little list of 'I wish', there's a few pieces from Disney's Couture line with ASOS. I especially love the necklace below. The price tag, however, isn't exactly what I can afford at the moment, so it'll have to remain a wish.

How are you lovely people celebrating today? Supper with your loved ones? Watching your favourite movie with yourself and a cup of hot chocolate? However you celebrate it, I hope you have a wonderful time and remember someone loves you.

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