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W is for ... What I've Been Up To

I can't believe that it's been a week since I've updated! I guess that's what happens when you're busy, eh?

And boy, have I been busy! Shooting, shooting, thinking, thinking, shooting, thinking, as my teacher would put it. (With possibly a little more thinking and sleeping tossed in there... :D). Here's a few of the things that I've been busy with this past week (it probably would be a LOT more interesting if I had done separate posts for each of these, but, alas, time and not enough of it.)

Monday was Advisory Board where the committee comes down to view our portfolio, take names, see what we're doing, give us advice. I got to see four members (out of the ten) and got some pretty good advice. That was considering that some of them could be fairly rude, from waht I was hearing. Yikes!


We went to where I'm shooting my Multimedia assignment (at the store below), as well as try on clothes to rent for the fashion shoot I needed to do for Lighting class. Basically: Marina (the owner) is fantastic and I adore her to bits and pieces. Plus: her store is what I wish my closet was like (except where the clothes FIT me on a more regular basis. D:)

The jacket that I hope to, one day, own. Next time I'll get more detailed pictures. :)

You can't see the details really well, but that blue romper will be in my closet before I go home!


Was a ridiculously busy day, without a doubt. My Multiple Pictures assignment Thursday morning, during which time I had a Writing assignment due. Then, Sarah and I did my Lighting fashion shoot, and met up with Dan, Sam, and Cassie at the Red Lion. And PhotoJs don't stop taking pictures, ever. Not even inside the bar. :)

I seriously wanted her to get this skirt, but because it had a leotard type deal that went with it (which was ridiculously pretty, I might ad!) she said no. If I have the $20 before I leave, I will buy it myself!

And then this reminded me of my new favourite TV show Hawaii Five-O and ship: Steve/Danno.:)♥

Crazzzy things happen at the bar. Actually: Dan was complaining because of the dodgeball injury he had acquired that afternoon.

I (am on the left) do not look like I'm too impressed with having my picture taken. Not at all. :p

Us. With cameras. All. The. Time. :)

Friday I was around the PhotoJ lab for several hours for class and thenworking on handing in said Lighting assignment. Didn't get everything finished like I wanted to, but by about five:thirty, it was definitely time for me to call it a day. Saturday I went back out with my Multiple Pictures lady and went to look at more clothes. She didn't find anything she liked, sadly. Though, I found several things I would have bought! :)

Wow. This post got crazy long real quick. I still have the pictures from Thursdays fashion shoot that I'll upload, but I'll save those for another day and/or my photography blog.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are freshened up for a (hopefully!) spring filled week.

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