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W is for ... Women's (History Month)

Looking in my planner today (I haven't done that in awhile, apparently) and in itsy bitsy writing, it told me that March was Women's History Month. Each year there's a different theme, and the theme for this year is:

Our History is Our Strength

If you check online, there should be activities listed for your area. If there isn't, and you'd like to plan something, here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Organize a fundraiser with the proceeds going to a women’s group or shelter.
  2. Ask your foremothers about their stories. Talk to your mother, aunts, or grandmother about their lives as women. Capture the stories on audio or videotape, or write them down before they are lost forever. Share these stories with your children, your local newspaper or radio station, historical society, or archives.
  3. Your local public library or archives is an important resource for community history.
    Urge them to create a display on the contributions of women to history, or hold a series of readings on books by or about women.
  4. Read about important cases in the advancement of women, such as the Persons Case in 1929 (that's a Canadian case, I'm sure there are similar ones from where you're from.)

I know that, if I had the chance and was home, I'd do something that my dad and I have wanted to do for years now: I'd drive and visit my Grandma Chris, who just celebrated her 95 birthday this January, and ask her to tell her stories. Her stories about growing up in the 'unsettled' West, about the changes that she's seen, the things she's gone through, and how the world has changed. I've heard the stories and have seen the pictures before, but, we have yet to write or record anything, which is one of the biggest faults that my family has done by my Grandma.

So, I think I'm going to add that on my list of things to do this summer: spend time with Grandma Chris and record her history, my Grandpa's history, my dad's history, my history.

How will you celebrate Women's History Month?

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