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L is for ... Lopping (It Off) & Locks of Love

Last Tuesday I went with my friends JJ and Danni to do something I've been aching to do for ages: cut off all my hair. I originally had shoulder length hair:

and cut it to this:

While I didn't have enough hair to donate any after it'd been cut off, my friend JJ cut off 10 inches (about 25.4cm) to donate to Locks of Love. There's a list here of other places you can donate hair to, as well, if you're looking into donating hair.

As well, while doing some quick research, I found out that April is the Canadian Cancer Society's to Fight Back, otherwise known as Daffodil Month. If you can, think about buying a daffodil from the CCS, to help both those fighting cancer and the beginning of spring. As soon as I arrive home, I'll be buying one to help out.

For those of you out there with short hair: suggestions for styling? Your favourite ladies with short hair? Your favourite accessories? Do's and don't's of the short hair. Send 'em all my way (well, our way, Khyri's a sporter of the short hair deal, too.)

Also: have any of you lovely people out there cut your hair for cancer before? If so, who did you donate to? What was your experience like? Would you do it again? Did you enjoy the switch from long to short hair?


  1. I just did this! Cut off about 8 inches...eek. It feels SO good, I love short hair, yay! And you look adorable! I'm a huge fan of the pixie cut; you totally pull it off, which is hard to do.

  2. Whoa congrats on the change. And I'm sorry for just responding to you. Thank you for all your kind and lovely comments. You are so kind for checking out my blog, I really appreciate it. Back to hair. I first got a pixie in 2008. It was such a great change. I had cut off 13 inches of hair to a chin length bob and then to a pixie and then bowl. So I've been through pretty much every short hair style. The pixie is so much fun! I was inspired by Agyness Deyn and Jean Seberg in Breathless and other bloggers. I love Audrey Hepburn's short hair cut in Roman Holiday! Ahh. So I'm growing out my hair and I want to donate my hair when it's long enough to cut off.

    I'm thinking if you're bold enough, dye your hair! Like platinum blonde, fiery red or black! It's just a wild suggestion :)