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L is for...L'illusionniste

I have never had an urge to go to Edinburgh, not because I think it's not a nice place but I've just never had the urge to go and see it. Until I watched L'illusionniste. The story is essentially about a stage magician who moves from France to Britain (England, then Scotland, more specifically) in search of work, and meets a girl who decides to tag along. And it is when it moves to Scotland, to Edinburgh, that it became a visual treat for me and gave me this unending urge to visit the city. Here are some screen caps of my favourite moments of Edinburgh in the movie:


  1. Totally downloaded the soundtrack for this movie, thinking it was for another one. Now I really, really want to see it. It looks so lovely. ♥

  2. Yes, I've heard good things about this movie! I loved the Triplets de Belleville and I want to watch it again, but I seriously want to want L'Illustioniste! I love 2D animations and this just looks so beautiful!

    Oh yay for loving The Big Bang Theory! I can't believe how long is has taken me to jump onto the TBBT bandwagon! :)