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Things I Love - Post #5

This last week has been super crazy, so no other posts. Hopefully that'll change and my pace will be a bit slower this coming up week.
  1. What You Can Do to Make a Better World
  2. - 51 simple ways in categories such as: Personal Life, Community, Environment, and others. A lot of them are just some fun ways to enjoy life. There's also a few there that just make you stop and think a bit, as well.
  3. Superman: The Animated Series - My brother got this for his birthday in March, and we've been watching it non-stop. I've found myself addicted to reporters/journalists* and their portrayals in pop culture and what's more pop than Superman?!
  4. Photosensitive: Energy - Is a project that had photographers take pictures of what they thought of when 'energy' was said. As part of my course, I had to take a picture for it, but it's not on the school's link. This is the photograph that I submitted:
  5. Liz On Top of the World - One of my favourite songs. Ever.

  6. Film Cameras - I got five new film cameras (and a roll of b&w film!!!!) from my sisters' high school because they're clearing stuff out. Four of them are 50mm and the last one is an 80mm-200mm, so I'll give a few of the 50mm away and then go hunting through my boxes in the garage for the film I stashed away. :)
  7. Avalonne Hall - I don't remember how or when it was that I stumbled onto this blog, but I absolutely adore it. Her posts are always filled with fun images, links, things she loves. And they're put together in such a way that makes you want her posts (and her blog) to never end.

And it's time for me to head off. I start my second job this afternoon and have to go get ready! Have a wonderful week.

* There'll be an upcoming post with some of pop culture's favourite reporters/journalists, the clothes they wear, stories they covered, etc., and then compare it to what reporters/journalists actually do/wear/cover. I'm excited!

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