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F is for ... Fine (Little Day)

As it's reading break and everyone escaped home, or at least away from the college, I've been spending hours by myself. Now, I enjoy spending time by myself, most of the time. However, this time around, I've been getting restless and easily distracted. (Seriously, I just got up and wandered away for a good few minutes before running back when I heard Slide by the Goo Goo Dolls and needed to restart it).

However, one of the things that I've been perusing, undistracted, for awhile now is Fine Little Day, written by Swedish photographer and designer, Elisabeth. You can tell she's a photographer because that's what her blog is: pictures galore with a few words explaining them at the end of the post. While both her pictures and her words are simple and to the point, their beauty is in their simplicity and it's what I love so much about her blog; she points out the simple things that make life life and finds joy and excitement in what others might describe as complacent day to day things.

Now, my attention span has, once again, told me it's time to find something new to do. I am off to go make Lazy Man Cabbage Rolls and figure out what I'm going to wear as my Halloween costume to my friend Brad's Halloween party on Saturday!

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