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F is for ... (William) Fitzsimmons

While I keep telling myself that I'm going to stay on top of updating and things online, it seems like the more I say it, the less often it happens. School's definitely been keeping me more than slightly busy with all the shooting that I've been doing. I enjoy it, most of the time. The whole 'talking to strangers' thing isn't rocking my boat as much. We were in Ottawa yesterday and today (I got to see my sister for the first time in two months!) and even though I was surrounded by strangers who would never see me again, I was still hesitant to take pictures of them. I've heard it's just something that a person gets used to. I'm hoping it'll happen sooner rather than later for me.

However, while I'm stressing out over taking random people's pictures, William Fitzsimmons calms me down. While his music might not be described as the most upbeat and spirit lifting music, it's soothing none the less, something I can always be sure will bring me back to an equilibrium.

I have both his albums on my top rated in my iTunes, and both of them are golden. Out of the two of them, The Sparrow & the Crow is definitely my favourite. I can't even think about picking a favourite song off of the album. I can't. So I'm going to let iTunes do it for me. My most listened to song is After Afterall. I leave you with his wonderful voice crooning to you.

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